Monday, March 2, 2015

Year 4 Literacy: Home is...

This week we will ask: 'What is home?'

A student's video project on 'What is home?'

What home means to an American military family:

The first 3-4min of this presentation is probably enough for Year 4, but some interesting ideas!

What does home:
- Feel like?
- Hears like?
- Smells like?

We will use this Y Chart to generate some ideas:

Words to think about:
- Connection
- Emotion
- Journey
- Place

- 'Home is a work in progress....'
- 'Is home a piece of soil, or a piece of soul?'
- 'Home is the place where you become yourself'

'Home is where my heart is...' is an annual photographic exhibition where homeless young people capture and exhibit images that discuss what home means to them.

Having trouble getting your thoughts out? Here are some interesting pointers!